Monday, March 9, 2015

First Shadowrun Mission

I worked the admissions table for GloryCon, the small convention run by my alma mater's gaming club. Fortunately, they only needed me for half the day, so I got to wander around a bit and actually play a game.

I ended up in a Shadowrun Missions game. Missions is the organized play campaign run by Catalyst, the current publishers of Shadowrun. Because the first session of the day had run late due to the character creation process (apparently, the new priority + karma hybrid system doesn't speed things up), I had to pick a pregen to keep the second session on schedule to end when the con closed. I ended up with the combat adept, since the party had plenty of magic and tech people but was short on fighters. Unfortunately, the scenario we ended up playing was not very combat-heavy, so my character ended up being useless. I guess one problem with designing for these kinds of organized campaigns is coming up with scenarios to involve every different type of character.

Since I was also playing with people who knew much more of the setting canon than I did, I felt a little like the odd person out, having not read the 5th Edition core book for a couple of years. However, the plot of the scenario was interesting enough, even when only passively following it, that it conveyed why the setting inspires such devotion. I would play in another Shadowrun Missions game if I can find the time to create an actual character, perhaps my old 4e dwarven rigger from a brief campaign a few years back.